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Custom Dissertation Writing Services

For many, receiving their PhD is the culmination of their life’s work. However, it’s not meant to be easy, and while some people can easily put “pen to paper” and communicate their ideas, for many it’s not that simple.

Many of our dissertation clients are returning students who are coming back to finish their programs and their dissertation is what’s stopping them from getting their designation, a pay increase as well as a conclusion to their studies. At our dissertation writing services range from helping you with one chapter
or all five chapters. We save you years of time, what usually takes several years we help you complete in months. Here’s a look at the typical
chapters of the dissertation document:

Chapter 1: Introduction

As in the proposal, the introduction provides the reader with a description of the problem to be addressed in your dissertation. It should describe the nature of your study and its purpose as well as define any necessary terminology. It should clearly explain previous research findings, the current status of the research problem, and the significance of the dissertation’s research.

Chapter 2: Literature Review and Research Questions

The literature review places your dissertation in the context of academic research into your topic. The literature review should examine past work on your topic and related topics. The review should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of previous work and indicate why your dissertation is needed. The research question(s) should explain the specific hypothesis of your dissertation and the specific questions to be answered. These questions and the hypothesis should clearly relate to the information presented in the problem statement and the literature review.

Chapter 3: Methodology

The methodology section describes the methods by which you conducted your research, and this section should build upon the methodology section of your proposal. Depending on the type of research conducted, this section should include labeled subsections detailing participants, testing or measurement procedures, and the limitations of the methodology. Analysis should be reserved for the results chapter.

Chapter 4: Results

The results section describes the findings of your research, including a presentation of data collected and a description of the analysis of that data. Data should be included in sufficient detail to support conclusions drawn from your analysis, though full raw data sets may be reserved for the appendices.

Chapter 5: Discussion

The discussion section should evaluate and analyze the results obtained in Chapter 4 in light of the research questions and original problem statement. This section should draw conclusions and interpret the results. This section should also discuss the applications and consequences of the research findings, as well as any limitations affecting the validity of the conclusions. Suggestions for future research may also be included.

References and/or Bibliography

The reference list should include all of the sources cited in the dissertation


The appendices section should include materials to long or awkward to include in the text of the dissertation, including human subjects review board applications, consent forms, questionnaires or surveys, raw data, and so on. The appendices section should begin with an “Appendices” cover page and a table of contents for its documents.

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